Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, are Veterans the only ones who get it?

We hear about Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD and how devastating it is.  Many vets with PTSD suffer with depression, homelessness, lack of focus, nightmares and obsessive thoughts about the trauma they experienced.  But vets aren't the only people suffering from the … [Read More...]

Do Statins Cause Memory Loss?

A study in the recent issue of JAMA, reported that statin use for was found to be associated with acute memory loss in the weeks following treatment initiation.  That's right, beginning treatment with a statin was associated with a nearly fourfold increased risk of developing acute memory … [Read More...]

5 Weight Loss Myths

Myth:  Dieting means I have to give up my favorite foods Many people believe that dieting means giving up food they love.  Some people do have to give up their favorite foods because those foods are unhealthy.  Specifically processed foods. There is a whole world of delicious foods … [Read More...]

Don’t forget your (toxic) receipt

Do you have a Job that requires you to handle cash register receipts? Receipts are ubiquitous so why are we talking about them?  You could be exposing yourself to low levels of toxins with each transaction you handle.  There are chemicals that are used in the processing of these receipts … [Read More...]

Does Stress Make you Stupid?

In a recent study published in the Journal of Neuroscience researchers found a link between stress and cognitive decline.  Did we really need a study?  Evidently we did, just to prove to nay sayers that yes, stress impacts all areas of our lives and health including our brain.  The Harvard … [Read More...]

Are you tired because you’re sick or…

  Are you tired because you're sick or sick because you're tired? Getting sufficient sleep is critical for both your physical and your mental health. Did you know that when you are deprived of sleep for extended periods of time your body's immune systems production of natural … [Read More...]

Plaque on Your Brain causing you to lose your Mind?

In a national multi center study conducted by Duke University, researchers found that Brain imaging using radioactive dye detects early evidence of Alzheimer's disease and may predict future cognitive decline among adults with mild or no cognitive impairment.  With the greater incidence of … [Read More...]

Your Brain Needs Fat

You know that your brain needs glucose to function but did you know your brain also needs fat?  In the January issues of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease a study was published documenting the clinical trial conducted by researchers from the Oregon Health and Science University showing … [Read More...]

Work, Sweat, Connect, Has Networking Evolved Again?

We're all busy right?  We work hard and we want to play hard, or at least have fun when we play right?  Who has time to do both all the time?  In the old days (and my father was one of these men in the 50's) executives met on the golf course in the afternoon and played a round of golf.  I … [Read More...]

Is That Clutter Controlling Your Executive Brain?

There were no less than 8 garage sales in my neighborhood this weekend and it made me think about things we hold on to and things we let go of.  Is it unhealthy to have too many things?  It is interesting to me that sometimes people hold on to things well past their prime. Sometimes we … [Read More...]