Smelly Feet?

What’s worse bad breath or smelly feet?  If you live in a country where taking off your shoes when entering someone’s home it would have to be smelly feet.  besides who has breath mints for feet?  When the weather gets hot or we have to wear shoes that make our feet hot (such as winter boots) our feet live in an environment that is conducive to bacterial over-growth.  Bacteria living on the surface of the feet or being emitted from the pores on the feet, cause the smell.

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Toxicity Causes Smelly Feet

A person doesn’t have to be unclean to have smelly feet, in fact many people with smelly feet wash their feet regularly. The smelly feet are symptomatic of a toxicity problem in the body as well as on the feet themselves. A person who suffers from digestive issues has a high likelihood of having body odor concerns as well. With foot odor being among the most common.

The skin breathes and eliminates more than just dead skin layers.  We release toxins through our sweat.  The toxins (bacteria) released in this way interact with the environment on the skin’s surface.  The feet, being richly endowed with sweat glands is an outlet for a lot of elimination.

What Causes Toxicity?

For many people it can be a combination of factors:

  • Poor diet – Fried greasy foods, saturated fats and stimulants (tea and coffee), too much alcohol and not enough fresh foods.
  • Poor Lifestyle – Too much stress and lack of exercise.
  • Physiological Problems – Poor digestion, particularly “leaky gut syndrome” however gas and bloating are sometimes also to blame as are food intolerances such as IBS or gluten sensitivities. Yeast is a big issue for any body odor problem.
  • Poor Elimination – Sluggish bowel movement causing toxins to remain in the body and constipation or mixed constipation and diarrhoea are associated with poor toxin elimination.

How To Address the Problem

Addressing gut issues is essential.  One simple way to begin this process is through a digestive detoxification program, like this one.  After the body has detoxed, a good regimen of probiotics is recommended.  Taking probiotics without properly detoxifying the body is not effective and the bad bacteria remains in the system and continues to cause problems.

Using drugs or chemicals only masks the underlying cause of the problem.  Think of body odor as a symptom to a bigger concern that needs to be addressed.  Find the root cause and address it.  Building the immune system also helps the body maintain it’s natural beneficial bacteria.  When our bodies have to work harder (fighting off infection, inflammation or bacteria), this takes a toll on our immune system and weakens it. A weakened immune system is less able to ward of invaders.

Other Things To Do

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eliminate greasy and fried foods and junk foods
  • Cut down on alcohol and stimulants
  • Include pumpkin, carp, green beans, pearl barley and corn in the diet
  • Soak feet in black tea.  (the tannins in tea help dry out the feet)
  • Exercise regularly
  • Wear sandals when possible so feet may breathe
  • Wear absorbent socks or five toes socks (socks that separate the toes)


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